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Tutorial - How Does Free MP3 Cutter Work in Details?

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Are you a music FAN? Are you always looking for the easiest way to get the music collection cut or edited with a simple application on your desktop? But unfortunately, a bunch of tools out there are not so simple or efficient to use - some require knowledge about computer and others just don't deal with the audio well.

Today we bring you the brand-new MP3 cutter software, designed to end your trouble of cutting music with simplified operation. Why should you choose our free MP3 cutter from so many audio cutting programs? Here's one but not the only profit you'll get from our cutter: BRAINLESS cutting with TOP quality.

How does it work in detail?

1. Cut a longer audio file into short pieces

If you have collected some songs from internet or purchased some music CDs, you may want to cut these audio files to appropriate length to use in your mobile phone as ringtone; trim the wind noise and breath popping out from your vocal recording from online karaoke; cut the interview voice created by your digital recording pen to remove unnecessary parts. So many usages of a shorter audio file require cutting of a longer sound. That's what Free MP3 Cutter is designed to do: cut audio files to any length you want.

2. Never used a cutter? 3 steps - from NOOB to PRO

You don't have to be experienced in cutting music, as it is, for a user of Free MP3 Cutter, a simple operation that requires no special software or computer knowledge. Just turn on your PC, download & install our cutter and start it. See the short instructions on the interface? "1. Select Media - 2. Cut & Edit - 3. Export", yes, that's all you have to do to get any of your sound trimmed. If you need no quality adjustment, the operation will be simplified to "Input - Cut- Output", which can be completed in exactly 6 clicks.

3. The cutter provides precise selection

After you input an audio file, you can see the waveform of the sound. How do you choose the part you want to cut? Unlike many other tools, which may gives you one or two ways to select a part, our cutter provides 5 ways in total:

  • Drag your mouse with left button down along the waveform until the point where you desire to select a session of the file;
  • Select the part before or after a specified point;
  • Move the sliders below the waveform window to select a part;
  • Enter the specific starting/ending time in the "Selection" area;
  • Click on the waveform to set the starting point and enter the duration time of the selection as needed in the "Length" area.

The selection is accurate to millisecond, which makes some professionally precise cutting and editing possible.

4. Editing and effects makes your cutting artistic

Let me guess, you are not an easily satisfied audience, right? With Free MP3 Cutter, music cutting takes less and less time, but meanwhile brings less fun. Make a change now - with the clear-cut design of our cutter, you can find everything you need within seconds, including AUDIO EFFECTS. You can add echo, fade-in/fade-out the waveform, amplify & normalize the audio. Different presets are provided to adjust the effect. Also there are parameters that can be specified. Creating some stunning music with the audio files you have... Sounds great, huh?

5. Just simply decide "Where" & "What" to output

You can choose the output location but it also provides a button to open the output folder in case you don't remember. The cutter provides 4 output formats: MP3, WMA, WAV and OGG. Do you have some special quality requirements that other tools cannot satisfy? Are you afraid of complicated parameter settings with countless confusing terms and numbers? Here's the way out: after you specify the output format, you can click the "Settings" button - a configuration window pops up with a presets slider bar. Just drag the slider to choose one as needed and if needed, the specification of the selected preset is displayed on the top. For users who have more specific requirements in quality, a "Configure" button is provided to specify detailed parameter settings.

That's how it works! No fee and no strings attached. As a safe and easy MP3 cutter, it simplifies the complicated audio cutting and makes it achievable for almost anyone.

Download this powerful MP3 cutter right now and get your music cutting more costless and efficient.

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