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Tutorial - How to Edit Music?

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I truly believe that people who love music want to make their favorite music perfect. Editing is an efficient way to get rid of flawed part. Our MP3 cutter is also an audio editor to solve problems like this. It provides many basic editing functions. Download and install this free MP3 cutter and follow the step-by-step tutorial to music editing.
Edit Music

Step 1. Input Audio File

Launch Free MP3 Cutter. Click "Load from file" to find and add the audio file to the program. You are allowed to load only one file one time and if the waveform of file displays, the loading is successful.

Step 2. Edit the File

Now you can see the waveform of the music. You can cut, copy, past & delete any part you want. It allows you to play the music and zoom in/out the waveform. You can also undo/redo all your editing.

Step 3. Output the Result

Click "Browse ..." to choose the output location. Select output format in the "Target Format" menu. In "Settings ..." field you are able to adjust the quality by the presets or specify the configuration parameters. Click "SAVE NOW" to start mixing. When the saving is finished, just click "Find Target" to find the edited file (original file will not be changed).

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