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Tutorial - How to Apply Audio Effects to Your Music?

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Free MP3 Cutter provides some catchy audio effects that can be easily applied within 2 clicks. You can change the detailed parameters of the effects or use the presets for some popular settings.

Fact: Some MP3 cutters may only do what they seem to do - cutting, nothing more. This is good when you need nothing but a trimmed clip, but more often, you need something to make the music sound better and, looking for another audio editor program is really Time-Consuming.

Apply Audio Effects to Your Music

Select the Waveform

When you input the audio, the cutter displays the file as visual waveform in the "2. Cut & Edit" field. It's possible to select any part of the audio in millisecond precision.

Enhance the Audio

It's interesting to make your audio more distinctive by adding kinds of audio effects like fade in/out, echo, amplification, normalization and so on.

Fade In/Fade Out - The sound may be gradually increased from silence at the beginning (fade-in) or gradually reduced to silence at its end (fade-out).

Echo - Commonly referred to as delay, echo works by repeating a specific sound multiple times, thereby delaying the time of the repeated sounds as short as a few milliseconds or as long as several seconds.

Amplify - Increase or decrease the volume of the selected region.

Normalize - Adjust the volume to an optimal level.

Mix - Combine the current file with other audio files such as MP3, OGG, WAV, etc. into one large file.

Adjust the Parameters

Sometimes it's necessary to adjust the parameters when you apply an audio effect. You're allowed to specify the parameters by yourself or just choose one of the predetermined settings. It's also convenience to preview the audio in real-time before applying the audio effect.

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