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Tutorial - How to Cut & Edit MP3 and Other Audio Visually?

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Free MP3 Cutter provides visual cutting and editing in waveform. You can visually select any part you want. You can zoom in to get a close-up view of your file or zoom out to see more of the waveform at a reduced size. Every tool you need is at your finger tips - just click the buttons to use them.

Fact: Some other MP3 cutters do not provide you a visual interface to cut sound, instead, they give you a small window with numbers. You just can't figure out what your music "looks" like. With our cutter, you can actually SEE the music in waveform and select a part not by entering numbers but dragging & clicking with your mouse cursor. After every editing operation, you can see the change made to the waveform.

Cut & Edit MP3 and Other Audio Visually

Select the Waveform

When you input the audio, the cutter displays the file as visual waveform in the "2. Cut & Edit" field. It's possible to select any part of the audio in millisecond precision.

Trim the Audio

If you want to simply complete an easy cutting operation, just choose the part you want and click "Trim" to remove the unnecessary part of the audio and keep the selection.

Edit the Audio

The cutter provides you various of editing functions like cut, copy, paste, etc. to make your selected audio more special. And if you've made some wrong editing, just use undo/redo to restore it.

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